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What is Amazon Polly?

You may have heard of a service called Amazon Polly, but it may not be all that familiar. While there has been speech to text software systems that have been around for years, Amazon Polly does the opposite. This opens an entirely new world for those who can benefit from having speech turned into text.

How Amazon Polly Works

This is a service that turns text into speech that is lifelike and avoids the mechanical-sounding versions of the past. The program allows you to create applications which can talk and opens the door for those who want to take advantage of this new service. The program itself features many different voices which cover a wide range of languages which you can choose from for your needs.

First released in November 2016, Amazon Polly incorporated machine-learning technology so that the voices would sound more lifelike. It’s ability to change the intonation of words depending on how they were used is a hallmark of the program. There are currently 47 male and female voices which support 30 different languages around the world.


There are several advantages to using Amazon Polly, starting with its remarkable low-cost approach. You pay as you go with this service, offering a small price per character along with unlimited replays which allows you to fine tune the speech you want to deliver.

  • Natural Voices: The voices are fluid, easy on the ears, and of high-quality
  • Real-Time Streaming: This provides fast-responses in conversation
  • Customize: You can modify the voice at your discretion, making it unique for your needs
  • Redistribute & Store: The unlimited replays allow you to create MP3 or OGG formats for storage and redistribution purposes.

Everything that makes Amazon Polly an exceptional program starts with the natural voices. Unlike the mechanical-sounding voices used in other programs, the voices in Amazon Polly are made to be natural and flow smoothly with each sentence. What really makes the voice synthesis special is its ability to quickly respond to text. This means that the responses you give come back as fast as you can type them.

You can customize the voices you want to use to create a unique sound that people will identify with you or your business. Plus, the files can be stored in common formats such as MP3 or OGG and be redistributed when you want. The versatility of this program cannot be understated, especially given its low cost and intuitive use which makes it second-nature to run, even when engaging in conversation with another person.

While Amazon Polly is not the first program to turn text into speech, it does provide the most natural voices that makes the experience far more pleasant. Plus, it is available as a WordPress plugin so that it can be used by a wide audience while being low-cost. For those on a budget who are looking for an inexpensive program that quickly turns text into natural sounding speech which also can be customized, stored, and redistributed, then Amazon Polly is the answer.

Full details about Amazon Polly can be found here.

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